We met for the third time to define our goals and our outreach efforts for what will soon be our first outing, knocking on doors. The challenge has been coming up with template questions to start with. What is most important to our neighbors? How can we best engage with them on an honest and productive level. If the goal is to foster community engagement (and it is!), then how do we best accomplish that very thing? It will undoubtedly be a learning process. Lots of trial and error but if we don’t try, we’ll never get there so we role played conversations we may encounter when knocking on a door. It was entertaining and awkward and at times, hilarious. Do we introduce ourselves first? Do we try to shake hands? Maybe not. Do we ask one question, two, ten? If we stick to a script, is it more authentic or less? Will a neighbor feel the same way about the ‘hood as we do?

So many unanswered what-ifsĀ and the only way to answer them is to get started.

Wish us luck!